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Where Can You Make Bets on Basketball in the USA?

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The laws of individual states are pretty strict about sports betting. This also applies to wagering on basketball. However, don’t be upset. Several services have official apps. And for the citizens of the rest of the territories, they came up with offshore companies. Let’s find out what an offshore bookmaker is and which states can officially place money on basketball!

Which States Allowed Basketball Betting?

Several states have lifted the official ban on bookmakers. After that, applications and companies appeared in them en masse, which provided an opportunity to place bets on sports. Here is a list of these states, as well as some of the applications through which you can bet on basketball:

  • New Jersey – DraftKings Sportsbook;
  • Pennsylvania – FoxBet in Pennsylvania;
  • Michigan – Fanduel Sportsbook;
  • Illinois – PointsBet;
  • Colorado – BetMGM;
  • Tennessee – Caesars Sportsbook;
  • Virginia – BetRivers;
  • Indiana – DraftKings Sportsbook;
  • West Virginia – BetMGM;
  • Nevada – BetMGM;
  • Iowa – Caesars Sportsbook;
  • Oregon – Scoreboard;
  • Rhone Island – Rhone Island Lottery.

These applications allow users to place basketball wagers without restrictions. In addition, you no longer need to walk around the casino to verify your identity. Now you can do it through your phone.
As you may have noticed, some of the names in the list are repeated. This is because especially large bookmakers operate on the territory of several states at once. Therefore, you have a reasonably wide selection from the list of quality and safe bookmakers.

What Is Offshore Bookie?

Sports wagering is in great demand all over the world. However, the governments of some countries anticipate ignoring this demand and creating artificial restrictions on the activities of bookies. Therefore, especially entrepreneurial companies have moved their activities to offshore countries (Malta, Cyprus, etc.) to provide their services worldwide.
Residents of the United States can also use their services and place money on sports competitions worldwide with pretty high odds.

Legal Apps vs. Offshore Bookies

It is perfect if you were visited by a question and the differences between these two types of companies. The differences are not so significant, but you should be aware of them.

  1. Availability
    Of course, if you are a citizen of one of the states where basketball betting is officially allowed, it will be pretty easy for you to start doing it. All you need to do is download the app and verify your identity.
    To access offshore bookmakers, in turn, a VPN connection is required. However, you will not find differences in the complexity of registration or site performance.
  2. Customer Focus
    Unfortunately, official services care about quality much more minor than overseas competitors. This is because they have a monopoly on the provision of betting services.
    This is manifested in the number and size of bonuses, in the size of bet lines, etc.
  3. Support and Force Majeure
    This is perhaps the biggest reason to choose legal bookmakers. The fact is that in case of any problem or incomprehensible question, they will be able to help you at any time of the day. The same cannot be said about offshore bookmakers.
    It can be challenging to reach them, and in case of deception or error on their part, you cannot even turn to government regulators. One way or another, you are more at risk when choosing a foreign bookmaker. But in reality, this risk is not as significant as it seems. All of these offices are world-renowned companies that try to take care of their reputation.
    Here is a shortlist of the differences between the two options.

Choose Best for You!

Try the options outlined in this article and jump into basketball betting now. Don’t miss your opportunity to make money!